Dongfeng Gu

Tensorflow: C3D for action detection

- 2 mins



Project ReadMe


Repeat the experiment result:

  1. Install the following two python libs:

    a) tensorflow(version r1.0)

    b) Pillow

    c) Opencv

    d) sklearn

  2. Download the UCF101 (Action Recognition Data Set)
  3. Extract the UCF101.rar file and you will get UCF101/{action_name}/{video.avi} folder structure
  4. Use the ./list/ script to decode the ucf101 video files (from video to images)
    • run ./list/ .../UCF101 5 (number 5 means the fps rate)
  5. Create the train.list and test.list files in list directory.
  6. Use the ./list/ script to update the {train,test}.list according to the UCF101 folder structure (from images to files)
    • run ./list/ .../UCF101 4, this will update the test.list and train.list files (number 4 means the ratio of test and train data is 1/4)
     database/ucf101/train/ApplyEyeMakeup/v_ApplyEyeMakeup_g01_c01 0
     database/ucf101/train/ApplyEyeMakeup/v_ApplyEyeMakeup_g01_c02 0
     database/ucf101/train/ApplyEyeMakeup/v_ApplyEyeMakeup_g01_c03 0
     database/ucf101/train/ApplyLipstick/v_ApplyLipstick_g01_c01 1
     database/ucf101/train/ApplyLipstick/v_ApplyLipstick_g01_c02 1
     database/ucf101/train/ApplyLipstick/v_ApplyLipstick_g01_c03 1
     database/ucf101/train/Archery/v_Archery_g01_c01 2
     database/ucf101/train/Archery/v_Archery_g01_c02 2
     database/ucf101/train/Archery/v_Archery_g01_c03 2
     database/ucf101/train/Archery/v_Archery_g01_c04 2
     database/ucf101/train/BabyCrawling/v_BabyCrawling_g01_c01 3
     database/ucf101/train/BabyCrawling/v_BabyCrawling_g01_c02 3
     database/ucf101/train/BabyCrawling/v_BabyCrawling_g01_c03 3
     database/ucf101/train/BabyCrawling/v_BabyCrawling_g01_c04 3
     database/ucf101/train/BalanceBeam/v_BalanceBeam_g01_c01 4
     database/ucf101/train/BalanceBeam/v_BalanceBeam_g01_c02 4
     database/ucf101/train/BalanceBeam/v_BalanceBeam_g01_c03 4
     database/ucf101/train/BalanceBeam/v_BalanceBeam_g01_c04 4
  7. Run the training program python (you can pause or stop the training procedure and resume the training by runing this command again)

  8. Evaluate the result python


Use the pretrained model

If you want to test the pre-trained model (sports1m), you need to download the model from here: and move the file sports1m_finetuning_ucf101.model to the root folder

Use other dataset than UCF101

  1. Modify the NUM_CLASSES variable in the file
    • NUM_EXAMPLES_PER_EPOCH_FOR_TRAIN = (total number of training image)/NUM_FRAMES_PER_CLIP
    • NUM_EXAMPLES_PER_EPOCH_FOR_EVAL = (total number of evaluating image)/NUM_FRAMES_PER_CLIP
    • NUM_FRAMES_PER_CLIP is in the file

Use SVM as Classifier

  1. Required: You need to train the database using file and get the checkout model
  2. Run the file to extract the fc6 features according to the pretrained C3D model and then train the svm model and save the model svm.model in the result folder
  3. Evaluate the svm model by running the file

Experiment result:

Top-1 accuracy of 80% should be achieved for the validation dataset with this code



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