Dongfeng Gu

Unity FPS Game

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I used blender to create all the models (map/target/soldier/gun) in this game, the soldier&gun models were downloaded from the previous youtube link.

Character movement

The Character movement was mainly controlled by the Character Motor Script, user could set the moving parameters in this script.

Character animations

I had four difference kinds of animation for the soldier character in this project, they were Forward, Backward, Left and Right animation.

Inverse Kinematic

The inverse kinematic in this project was handled by a free version package in the unity store and only the left & right elbow of the soldier character applied the inverse kinematic in order to make the character’s arms moved more intuitively.


I had two kinds of collision in the project the first one was the mesh collision which applied between the soldier & map and the soldier & target, the second collision was handled by the physics.raycast function in unity, this collision was for detecting the bullet collision.

Particle system

This project used the build in particle system package in unity. This package was in Assets -> Import Package -> ParticleSystems

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